Creating Value for the 21st Century

The Starting Point

The starting point and essence of Soka education is the spirit to treasure each student individually so that they can become happy and enjoy a glorious future. Education does not exist for the sake of the nation, for business, or for religion. The aim of Soka education is the happiness of oneself and others, as well as society as a whole, and peace for all humanity.

Daisaku Ikeda

Soka means Value Creation

The founder of Soka education, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, established this pedagogy based on his firm belief that the happiness of children should be the purpose of education.

A key element of Soka education is the quality of the relationship between teacher and student. The teacher’s genuine care and concern for the student, and their efforts to nurture the unique character and potential of each learner, are the fundamental heart of Soka education.

"Soka" is derived from the Japanese characters “sozo” (creation) and “kachi” (value), and literally means value creation. Soka education seeks to empower students to perceive value in every aspect of life.

Educational philosophy

Makiguchi’s educational philosophy is rooted in the understanding that:

  • The purpose of education is the lifelong happiness of the learner.
  • Wisdom comes from the awareness that all life is interrelated.
  • Deep respect for the learner unlocks inner-motivated learning.